Monday, 8 July 2013

Prospective Student

Determined to strive Zion climbed the mountain with courage as he knew he would reach the dojo. Feeling worried and shy he knocked proudly on the door.

Curiously Zion stood at the door looking apprehensive. Suddenly sensei Porsha opened the door and pointed away. As he  slammed the door right into Zion’s face, Zion thought to himself anxiously  “I will never make it in the dojo”!

Zion felt sad, but then he meditated so he could see if sensei Porsha wouldn't reject him. Zion meditated the whole day until sensei opened the door. Porsha opened the door the next day and pointed away again. Zion gave up and walked away feeling down and then got angry and ran to the dojo and kicked the door and it broke. Again Porsha pointed away, Zion noticed sensei was pointing directly at sign” USE THE SIDE ENTRANCE,” Zion was happy.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Little Red Riding Hood & Jack and the Bean Stalk

Little Red Riding Hood is really sick, her parents are really worried about her poor little girl. One day her parents left her at home alone while they went shopping. They told her to be responsible while they’re gone, but Little Red Riding Hood is not that kind of person she is a little girl that disobeys her parents, she gets angry quickly. Her parents told her that her grandma will be visiting today so she doesn’t need to worry about anything.

“Oh man I’ve been waiting here for how long about two hours ?” She mooned. Her parents haven’t been home yet and Little Red Riding Hood is still waiting for her nana. She layed in her bed horribly sick of waiting. Really angrily she kicks her bedroom door open and walks out the back door to go to her nana’s house.

“ Aaargh “ walking furiously as she tripped over a piece of wood. Standing back up she kicks the wood and hurts her toe. “Ouch!” Little Red Riding Hood Shouted. She started to limp to her grandmas. limping her way through the forest she hears a growl.

She decides to run even though she could feel pain. Little Red turned around and there it was The Big Bad Wolf! She screamed in fear. “Stomp Stomp Stomp” Hearing the big bad wolf chasing after her. Not looking where she was running she bumps into a HUGE beanstalk.

The big bad wolf caught up, but luckily Jack the boy rescued her and climbed back up the stalk. *whoosh* Little Red’s hair was dancing with the wind, she was staring at Jack, as if she saw love at first sight:) Smacking! into the giant’s toe.

Not knowing that the Big Bad Wolf followed them up the beanstalk, they chopped the stalk off & along came down the stalk with the Big Bad Wolf!!

The End

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Sibling Issues
Siblings, siblings, siblings, ? how bad could it be ?? Well i don’t know because i’m the youngest.
I don’t need to worry cause I’m the bravest, but not the strongest....
I can’t say anything to upset her because any second she could be right here in my face !
I can’t run cause i’ll trip up on my lace !
I can’t hide cause she’ll find me and give me a really bad taste.
That’s my life, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

I’m Right You’re Wrong !
Arguing with my siblings is the thing i hate !
My sister and I are the main characters in the HOUSE !
well it’s only us children living in the HOUSE.
Me and my sister enelope can argue all night.
Sometimes, i get angry when she wears my tights !
We call each other names.
She acts like she’s the boss, but I think she’s really lame.
One time I ate the last pear ?
and all of a sudden her eyes decided to shed a tear.