Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Sick at Home

“Can I go to school now”! I shouted. Staying at home felt like a year away from school. My mum keeps on telling me I have to wait until I’m one hundred percent better. It was the worst days of my life. I was dying to go to school, but sadly I had to stay home.

I know what to do now. I have to stay healthy and good and I’ll be better soon. I was going to come to school on monday but I stayed home because I woke up late so I slept in. Well I learned to wake up early as well. I’m so happy I’m back at school again,”HARRAY”! I shouted with happiness.

Thursday, 9 August 2012


Once upon a time there lived a little happy monster named Wiggly. She is a lovely girl, she always loved to share and care. She lived in monster world where all the scary monsters live. But she lived on the happy side of monster land.

Suddenly an human approached monster land. He came with his crew to kill all the monsters on land. But the crew did not know about the other side of monster world where Wiggly lived. So they took all the monsters. It use to be loud but now it is quite.

Wiggly had a strange feeling, she thought that all that all the bad monsters were sleeping. So she went to the other side of monster land. She would always want to live in monster land, but she wished that all the bad monsters were killed by human. Wiggly looked around there was nothing at all.

She was so happy that she got everyone from her land to come and look. They all saw how great it was. Wiggly had a plan to turn th bad side of monsterland to happy land. So they all helped each other. “Yay” They all shouted the whole land is turned into happy land.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Bounce Bounce

“Oh man” I shouted, I can’t do the jump stop. Everyone stared at me I got nervous. Dribbling the ball to the line as i pivot when i got there. It was really awkward. It was  difficult to stop when I was doing the jump stop.

Next we had to run to the line and jump stop, then pivot and put the ball around our waist three times. It was so, so exhausting. I hated to go twice so i told my team to go very slow.

After all that exhausting, amazing new tricks we learnt. It was time for us to head back,That day was a challenging day. I hope we get to do this another day.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Exhausting Running!

 Every weekday depending on the weather, which I wish would rain, we usually  go out for cross country practice. We go in groups. I go with the year six girls. One day  Mr Marks made the cross country course longer.

   “Oh man now it’s our turn” I said quietly to myself. Off we go running through the breeze and out the door. So tired I am huffing and puffing, really exhausted I should stop sprinting. I felt my forehead and there I was sweating. Now I was dying to have a long, long drink. I was jogging on my way only halfway back.  I wish I was like Grace and  I wish that I was fit enough that I didn’t have to run.

Finally I am back ready for my stretches. Mr Marks was standing at the front waiting for the rest of the kids to get back.  Stretching side to side, front to back with our legs. After that we stretched our arms.

“Yay the bell rang, time to head home” I said to my friends. What an exhausting, tiring day. I felt my legs and they were very sore. I felt so, so horrible. "I hope I get fitter”, singing to myself.