Thursday, 31 May 2012

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Jackson Pollock

Wow! “have you ever heard of an awesome artist named Jackson Pollock”.
He lived in America in New York City.
Jackson Pollock was married, he also smoked and drank beer.
He died at a very young age. He died in a car crash.

Jackson Pollock’s painting was very famous. Some of his art  has already been sold. Most of his techniques were flicking and splattering.

Room fifteen has tried his type of painting. We liked it.
We had great fun! We were over excited that the grass turned into colourful grass. Everyone was flicking splattering and dripping paint everywhere. I felt extraordinarily happy.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Could Creatures Live Without Rain?

If there was no rain, sea creatures  would possibly survive.

There is a part of the world where it doesn't rain.  There it is dry, where plants and animals don’t live.

Rain supplies humans and animals with water to drink and to survive. Water helps  plants to grow.

Some people in cities become angry when it rains. T
hey forget farmers need rain to grow grass and to grow crops.


Friday, 11 May 2012

First Day At Swimming

Sadly on the first day I went swimming. It wasn't fun because I forgot my togs. I just had to sit quietly and watch my own class swim. Impatiently I waited for my class to finish their swimming lesson. I was thinking that it would take a while for my class to finish their swimming lesson.

Saying to myself that when I swim I probably would drown. The pool looked deep. Looking at my friend she could barely breath. Everyone swimming looked very tall. I hope when I go into the pool I hope I’m tall enough. It looked very, very scary.

Finally my class was finish their swimming lesson. Sitting on the hard seat waiting for my class to finish their swimming lesson made my bottom sore. Everyone got changed into their uniform and then we walked tiredly back to school.

At Eden Park

Excitedly on the day we went to Eden park to play our game It was amazing. As we got to Eden park we were dying to get into the stadium. We were waiting so long that we started to feel heavy rain.

As we approached into the stadium I was about to faint. We decided to sit on cold and wet chairs.Our seats were so wet that we got to sit on our jackets. Our jackets turned really saturated.

when we got to start our game we were all excited. The stadium was quite small and the stadium had a slippery surface. All the school’s finished their games. Then off the girls go to change. we got to watch the Blues VS  Reds game.

As the Blues entered the game screaming fans were screaming too loud that flames made a huge explosion. There was a lot of flags waving in the air. When the Reds entered th stadium same thing happened. My favourite player on the blues was Ma'a Nonu.

It turned out great! I Had great fun!