Monday, 1 December 2014


I consider a good friend as another sibling in the family, you treat them as if they were your own brother or sister. But not as mean, or maybe...

A good friend... A good friend is someone who will always stay by your side and never leave it. They will encourage you whenever you are feeling down and help you to face the scary things in life. A good friend is a someone who will laugh at your jokes even if they are not funny, someone who will backstab you, but backstab positive things about you.

When you have a good friend, It’s not only her/him in the picture. You are a good friend too, so you have to play your part. Help them out whenever they’re feeling down, be empathetic and understand their feelings. To be a good friend, show how much you care for them.

It’s important to have good friends, do you reckon? But sometimes throughout life, you will have ups and downs. When you are having this situation, its good to apologize. Just pick up the broken pieces and put them back jointly.

Picking the right friends is really hard. A good friend is not the person who has been there for you the longest, a good friend is someone who came and never left your side. Make the right decisions.

Future Aspiration

This morning we had a few visitors. Some we have already met, some we haven’t and an old friend. We learnt that sometimes at our age we don’t have any idea about what we want to do in life. So we need to start trying and be opportunity hungry.

Opportunity hungry means, go hard in everything. For example if their was a trial for soccer and you straight away thought to yourself, no way I suck at that. You never know, you could trial and find out you were the man at it.

Our old friend Anthony Samuels gave us a good speech about his experience in life. He was talking about keys to unlock the phrases. One of the phrases were “To miharo hoki” which means “you are amazing.” There was also another phrase that said “your past doesn’t have to determine your future.” So don’t let anything embarrassing or something bad in the past affect your future.

There was also a lovely lady who we haven’t met before, Amelia Unufe. She has just finished her second year at A.U.T and now working towards her degree. Amelia has been studding fashion for both those years.

Paula, omg he was so funny, not only funny, but inspiring as well. His speech was my favourite. Well back in intermediate he use to love swimming, he was in the highest group. Paula was one of the tallest kids, so tall that he could touch the floor of the swimming pool. No other person in the school could do that. When they would have swimming races he would always win. In the middle of a race, about half way everyone would always get tired even him. But using his long legs, he would just put his legs down, run with his legs and stroke with his arms. The teachers knew that he was so good and talented that he should go and verse other competitive students from other places, not knowing he was a cheater. The day came and they went to a very flash swimming place. He went and got changed into his togs then threw his bag onto the bleaches. As soon as he got called for his race, he was so excited. The only thing he was thinking about was winning. So the race came. He stood there with the competitors waiting for the wooden blocks to clap. “Clap” He dived in. Swimming so fast, he got about halfway, looked up and saw that the other swimmers were getting tired and slowing down. He put his feet down towards the floor... But there was no floor. He noticed that the pool was deeper than the pool at his school. He figured out a new swimming skill that was called drowning. The lifeguard dived in and took him out safely. All his friends were laughing at him. They took all the laughter back to school and soon the whole school was laughing at him. He was so embarrassed, but that was all in the past. He wouldn’t let his past affect his future where he is now. Paula is now a organisation attitude, he goes around schools, talking about bullying. Well I would call him a Social worker.

So yeah, remember not to let your past determine your future. “To Miharo Hoki!” “( You Are Amazing!)” Most important thing, be opportunity hungry! Go hard! Live the fullest.