Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas in the Park

In the weekends I went to Coca-Cola Christmas in the park. Christmas in the park started at 7:00 P.M. and finished at 12:00 A.M. It was quite boring at the start.

My favourite singer there was Guy Sebastian, he sang Battle Scars. I really enjoyed him singing his song was really awesome. While he was singing, flames came out of the flame thrower. It was really hot.

After his song I got tired and wanted to sleep, so I told my cousin I want to go home. But he said we have to stay to the end. “Why” I asked him. He said because all my other cousins and sister wanted to stay till the end.

Finally It had finished we went home and I looked at the time It was late. I didn’t go to church the next day because I had slept in.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Netbook Reflection 2013

I like working with a netbook because it helps me learn how to spell, I learn more than writing on a book. Another reason why I like working on a netbook is because it encourages me to try harder when I make mistakes. I don’t really like tuxpaint because you can’t copy and paste. Sometimes the mouse can be annoying.

It would be better to have a bigger screen and a louder volume. It is one hundred times better than writing on a book because my hand always gets sweaty when I write with my pencil.

We can use our netbooks better by taking charge and always doing the right thing at; the right time.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


“This way Hope”! I shouted. “No this way”! Hope shouted. It is quite hard sailing when it’s your first time. We sailed out far in the sea that I got really scared.

On the way there Hope and I couldn’t stop laughing because Robert and his Sail Boat tipped over two times. Antonio tipped over only like about once. It was hilarious but sad at the same time. We got carried away that we couldn’t turn around.

We were trying our best to turn but the Sail Boat wouldn’t turn around. Hope and I were going too far that we ended up on the other side of where we were suppose to be. Then we looked if anyone was coming and there was peter in his dinghy.

“Sail back now” says peter. I was like you gotta be kidding me. “I’m dying here Hope” Saying to Hope as if I was going to die. But I did it and we got back safely and wet.

Walking up to the deck we were still laughing everyone was there staring at us. It was funny for us but not for them because they didn’t know what had happened. We were quite happy that peter saved us. We said a big, big thankyou to him.

Thank you Sarona for editing my writing!

Friday, 9 November 2012


“Huh huh huh” i breath like as if was going to die. Triathlon is so exhausting, it includes running, biking, and diving on your stomach on a water slide. First is water slide then biking and lastly running. “Oh man still got one round to do” I said to Ana my friend. I could tell her face was red easily.

First I had to slide on the water slide which was exhausting. I had to slide four times. sliding on my stomach was so fun but when I finished I had grass all over me.

Next I had to run quickly and pick a bike, but there is one important rule that you must put on your helmet the right way and make sure it is clicked. Push your bike to the starting line and hop on. Then you have to two laps around the flags. There are four flags that you must ride past. Now we park the bikes and put the helmets where we found them.

Lastly we run fast to the running course. We are allowed to run when ever we want. “yay almost there yes i’m here” I said happily.

“Woo hoo I made it and yay I came first”! Shouting cheerfully and tired at the same time. Triathlon is not that bad at all. Once you try it you will start loving it. Just remember to stay fit.  

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Jumping Off a High Roof

One Night at his house a boy named Sam had a birthday. He wished that one day he could jump off his roof. In the morning he was very bored. He was planning to climb up his dad John’s ladder to the top of his roof and jump onto his trampoline.

He walked back and then he ran so fast that he jumped too far. He landed on solid ground and damaged his head and back. His mother Adlina ran out to see what was going on. She ran to the phone and rang the ambulance.

Ambulance arrived and took Sam to the hospital as fast as they could. He had head injury and also his back. The good news were that he was still alive after his head surgery. But the bad news is that he has to learn how to walk again.

He was lucky he is still alive, thanks to the nurses and doctors. He has learnt how to walk again and he has learnt a lesson as well. Sam is the luckiest boy in the world.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Drifting In The Hot Desert

Drifting through the desert is so exhausting. There are two boys driving in a dune buggy. Their names are John and caleb.

They were driving so slow that they got stuck. Caleb forgot to bring shovels incase this happens. They used their hands to dig. Luckily John brang some water.

They had a huge Australian flag hanging on the dune buggy. they were hoping that they could use it to get help. John took off the flag and waved it around and finally people arrived. He was happy that they were saved because the dune buggy was sinking as the sand is so soft.

“Finally we are home sweet home’’ Caleb says relaxing his feet in a bucket of cold water. The san in the desert was really hot. John didn't say anything because he could only concentrate on having a rest.

Monday, 29 October 2012


   “Oh no” Jake said. Looking around Tex their dog had ran off before putting on his leash. They ran into the forest hoping he would be there. “Ahh”! Shouted Jake. A tree had fallen on him.

He tried to get out but there was no way. He thought he was alone stuck under the tree  but his brother Bob was stuck as well. “Help, Help”! Bob shouted, no one heard a thing. He had a mobile phone but no luck because there is no phone service in the forest.

Then there came Tex their smart dog sniffing his way through seeing them stuck under the tree. They tried telling him to go fetch help but he looked hungry and started to howl. A few minutes later finally help was there. One of the helpers had to run out of the forest so they could call the ambulance.

Luckily Tex saved the day by his horrible, loud howling. After the hospital back home, on the couch and watching TV. It was quite sad because choppers had to chop some trees that looked like they are old and could fall.

Friday, 26 October 2012

The Ants Army

We have been reading the story The Ant Army by Val Neubecker which has illustrations by Tony Anderson who uses photos and drawings together like this one I have created.

As you can see it’s a healthy sandwich on a brown table. I drew this because it describes page ten and eleven on the article i’m reading. The sandwich is real but the background is drawn in tux paint.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Bad day

“Oh no we have ran out of milk” Mum said. Ashleigh’s mum told her to run to the Pt England shop and buy some milk. As she got there she walked to the back of the shop with a lady where the milk was, suddenly she heard a noise. “BOOM BOOM” there was a loud noise coming from outside.

She just found out that she left her mobile phone at home. She ran outside and there was a drunk man with a gun. He was shooting everywhere he looked. Everyone was really frightened.

When the police arrived he ran out of bullets. He tried to escape but he was to drunk. He kept on falling down. The police caught up to him and arrested him. Luckily the owner of the laundromat had a phone.

It was a horrible day for her. She was scared to death. Luckily the police was there to save the day.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

My Narrative Story

 One lovely afternoon in a forest there lived a girl named Aldora with her mum, dad, pet dog named Tex and her two friends Ana and Meleane. “Go take Tex for a walk” said Aldora’s mum. So off she went.As she opened the gate and ready to put on his leash, he had ran off.

She tried to chase him but he was too fast. She raced down to her friend Ana’s house who lived nearby. She catches her breath and asks Ana if she had seen tex But she had not seen him.

Then she saw her friend Meleane wondering around the park throwing bread into the duck pond.
She just remembered that Tex was hungry, so she ran home and got his food. She put it in a bowl and outside the gate. Then there came Tex running home and eating like as if he hasn’t ate before.

Aldora was very happy and releifed that Tex came home safe. Tex is really happy to be fed his favourite food. Luckily he had a great sense of smell.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


“I think this is going to be hard” Saying to my friend like I was scared. Mr Marks told us to get a thick band, put it around our waist and slide one of our arms into it. Not knowing what to do we had to run quick as we can with one of our arms tied. It was awkward and challenging.

“Hahaha” Mr Marks laughed. Most of us looked a bit silly. It was very hilarious running there and back. Some of us even looked like we were dancing. I hope that i didn’t look silly or hilarious.  

At the end I wish that we could keep on going but we had more paralympic activities. I had lots of fun and it was enjoyable. I hope we get to do this another time. I think everyone had a great time as well.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Wheelchair Sprint

Looking at the athletes spoked and disced wheels, they have reached the finish line but they can’t stop because their wheels are spinning faster than ever. Most the athletes have amputated limbs. Their challenge is to try get to the finish line even though their legs are amputated.


In the weekend I played at the park and I saw  my friend Aldora. We played on the cool and fun swing. After that we saw some kids playing ball tiggy so we decided to join in.  

Later on that day we chose to walk down to the takeaways and bought us some chicken and chips. Then we walked back to the park with our food and sat on the chairs and ate until we were full. Then it was time to go home before it got late.

I said goodbye to my friend and  headed home. I had a great time with her and I hope we could do this again another time.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Tandem Cycling

Wow watching the tandem cycling  is amazing.  Legs pumping from the start line to the finish line. Strong arms, holding on to the handle bar. The wheels are flaming they are on fire. The person at the back of the tandem bicycle is blind and the bike has two seats and two wheels.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Sick at Home

“Can I go to school now”! I shouted. Staying at home felt like a year away from school. My mum keeps on telling me I have to wait until I’m one hundred percent better. It was the worst days of my life. I was dying to go to school, but sadly I had to stay home.

I know what to do now. I have to stay healthy and good and I’ll be better soon. I was going to come to school on monday but I stayed home because I woke up late so I slept in. Well I learned to wake up early as well. I’m so happy I’m back at school again,”HARRAY”! I shouted with happiness.

Thursday, 9 August 2012


Once upon a time there lived a little happy monster named Wiggly. She is a lovely girl, she always loved to share and care. She lived in monster world where all the scary monsters live. But she lived on the happy side of monster land.

Suddenly an human approached monster land. He came with his crew to kill all the monsters on land. But the crew did not know about the other side of monster world where Wiggly lived. So they took all the monsters. It use to be loud but now it is quite.

Wiggly had a strange feeling, she thought that all that all the bad monsters were sleeping. So she went to the other side of monster land. She would always want to live in monster land, but she wished that all the bad monsters were killed by human. Wiggly looked around there was nothing at all.

She was so happy that she got everyone from her land to come and look. They all saw how great it was. Wiggly had a plan to turn th bad side of monsterland to happy land. So they all helped each other. “Yay” They all shouted the whole land is turned into happy land.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Bounce Bounce

“Oh man” I shouted, I can’t do the jump stop. Everyone stared at me I got nervous. Dribbling the ball to the line as i pivot when i got there. It was really awkward. It was  difficult to stop when I was doing the jump stop.

Next we had to run to the line and jump stop, then pivot and put the ball around our waist three times. It was so, so exhausting. I hated to go twice so i told my team to go very slow.

After all that exhausting, amazing new tricks we learnt. It was time for us to head back,That day was a challenging day. I hope we get to do this another day.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Exhausting Running!

 Every weekday depending on the weather, which I wish would rain, we usually  go out for cross country practice. We go in groups. I go with the year six girls. One day  Mr Marks made the cross country course longer.

   “Oh man now it’s our turn” I said quietly to myself. Off we go running through the breeze and out the door. So tired I am huffing and puffing, really exhausted I should stop sprinting. I felt my forehead and there I was sweating. Now I was dying to have a long, long drink. I was jogging on my way only halfway back.  I wish I was like Grace and  I wish that I was fit enough that I didn’t have to run.

Finally I am back ready for my stretches. Mr Marks was standing at the front waiting for the rest of the kids to get back.  Stretching side to side, front to back with our legs. After that we stretched our arms.

“Yay the bell rang, time to head home” I said to my friends. What an exhausting, tiring day. I felt my legs and they were very sore. I felt so, so horrible. "I hope I get fitter”, singing to myself.  

Monday, 30 July 2012

Session two: Art in moment

Today room 15 went to the hall for art movement. First we warmed up with some running, skipping and hopping. What was challenging about doing the domino was running backwards and hopping. It was a lot of hard work it got me tired.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Olympic Torch Relay

Months before each olympic games the torch is lit with flame from greece.  A female performer acting as a priestess ignites the torch.

The olympic torches is brought into the stadium during the opening ceremony, it is passed on until it reaches the last carrier, to light the cauldron. Then the olympic officially games a  begins.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Favorite Meal

My favourite meal is McDonald
because they sell breakfast in the morning.
My favourite meal in the morning is pancakes and hot chocolate.
The reason I like this meal is because it comes with golden syrup.
Golden syrup is really sweet and has a nice taste.

Olympic Symbols

This term our inquiry topic is the Olympic Games. We will be taking a close look at the London games and also uncovering some of the amazing stories of the Olympics, both past and present.

The olympic symbol of five rings represents the five inhabited continents which are Africa, Asia, Europe, America and Australasia. The ring  colours are white, blue,  black, red, yellow and green. The olympic flag was created in 1914 and was flown since 1920 during the games.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

My Favorite Piece of Art

The owner of this art is Asena. She is ten in year six. Her art is beautiful and colourful. I like her piece of art because she did it perfectly with no mistakes and white bits.   

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Alien Narrative

Once upon a time I was sleeping on my bed. Waking up from a loud sound. Looking up at a strange creature, thinking what it was obviously it was an alien a scary, ugly alien.

“No, no, no leave me alone”! I screamed. They shoved me into a huge dog cage. Wondering where am I going, Suddenly I was in a pet shop.

Locked in a cage felt awful. Looking around I saw my  friend Hope. “Hope stay away they’re going to lock you up just like me”. I shouted. She said don’t worry I have come to save you.
fighting her hardest trying to get through, she finally got through and saved me.

She found the key and unlocked the cage. I got out quickly before the aliens had stood back up. My friend Hope was so powerful I felt like her number one fan.

She had two jet packs, she gave me one and she wore one. We both ran out the door and flew into the sky.
She dropped me home and then she went home.

Safe and sound at home. Luckily I was home on time for dinner. Thanks to my Friend Hope.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


 “Finally we got to Youthtown” I said. One foot in the art studio it felt like a dream, flying through the air don’t know where to sit. Now I have woken up I found somewhere to sit.
I have been given a book to look for some designs I might be interested in.

    I didn't want to pick a design so I chose to design a love heart. The clay was sticky and smooth.
rolling the clay my hands felt weird. I just finished my design and I am ready to decorate it.

   Shinny, Shinny melting glass in my design it was so, so pretty. I used vibrant bright colours.
Stamping the letters of my name on to my design was cool. Looking at my design I knew it was finish. I gave my work to sue and I went to wash my hands.

   In art studio was amazing. I hope I get to go back another day. I had a great time.

Friday, 8 June 2012


Claude Monet was a french impressionist painter, Who also enjoyed the same subject by landscape. Each painting captured a moment in time. In each seasons there are different colours in light.

Monet created his beautiful water garden at his home in Giverny and used it as a subject over and over again. Water changes constantly every season which he painted.

The famous painting of the Japanese bridge shows an arched bridge crossing a pond. The pond is  surrounded with  trees and shrubs which reflect in the pond when the season changes.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Robert Dalaunay

Robert Delaunay was a French painter. His wife's name is Sonya. He used fresh vibrant colours and geometric shapes. He was a writer and a poet.

He liked to use bright vibrant colours to bring his art to life. He likes contrasting two different colours together to oppose each other. Using geometric shapes to represent objects and people.

In the painting of the Tall Portuguese Woman, on the left side of his painting there is a large leafed plant. In the center there is circles that are different colours that are part  of the kitchen.

This is my first attempt at creating a piece of art in the style of Robert Dalaunay

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Jackson Pollock

Wow! “have you ever heard of an awesome artist named Jackson Pollock”.
He lived in America in New York City.
Jackson Pollock was married, he also smoked and drank beer.
He died at a very young age. He died in a car crash.

Jackson Pollock’s painting was very famous. Some of his art  has already been sold. Most of his techniques were flicking and splattering.

Room fifteen has tried his type of painting. We liked it.
We had great fun! We were over excited that the grass turned into colourful grass. Everyone was flicking splattering and dripping paint everywhere. I felt extraordinarily happy.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Could Creatures Live Without Rain?

If there was no rain, sea creatures  would possibly survive.

There is a part of the world where it doesn't rain.  There it is dry, where plants and animals don’t live.

Rain supplies humans and animals with water to drink and to survive. Water helps  plants to grow.

Some people in cities become angry when it rains. T
hey forget farmers need rain to grow grass and to grow crops.


Friday, 11 May 2012

First Day At Swimming

Sadly on the first day I went swimming. It wasn't fun because I forgot my togs. I just had to sit quietly and watch my own class swim. Impatiently I waited for my class to finish their swimming lesson. I was thinking that it would take a while for my class to finish their swimming lesson.

Saying to myself that when I swim I probably would drown. The pool looked deep. Looking at my friend she could barely breath. Everyone swimming looked very tall. I hope when I go into the pool I hope I’m tall enough. It looked very, very scary.

Finally my class was finish their swimming lesson. Sitting on the hard seat waiting for my class to finish their swimming lesson made my bottom sore. Everyone got changed into their uniform and then we walked tiredly back to school.

At Eden Park

Excitedly on the day we went to Eden park to play our game It was amazing. As we got to Eden park we were dying to get into the stadium. We were waiting so long that we started to feel heavy rain.

As we approached into the stadium I was about to faint. We decided to sit on cold and wet chairs.Our seats were so wet that we got to sit on our jackets. Our jackets turned really saturated.

when we got to start our game we were all excited. The stadium was quite small and the stadium had a slippery surface. All the school’s finished their games. Then off the girls go to change. we got to watch the Blues VS  Reds game.

As the Blues entered the game screaming fans were screaming too loud that flames made a huge explosion. There was a lot of flags waving in the air. When the Reds entered th stadium same thing happened. My favourite player on the blues was Ma'a Nonu.

It turned out great! I Had great fun!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Best Artist Vincent Vangogh

Oh my guess what I have to tell you today we had assembly this morning. It was so much fun we got to watch videos about popular artists and popular art works. Well today i’m going to talk about Vincent Van Gogh

I couldn’t believe that Vincent Van Gogh cut his ear off. He cut off his ear because he was so angry and upset. Vincent Van Gogh is my favourite artist because he’s really good at drawing. Vincent Van Gogh is the best the best.

There is one thing i noticed about him. He never smiles in any of his pictures, but what I do like is his sunflower pictures that he draws.

I hope you enjoyed reading my writing. I think I’ve done great work.
I’m really happy about it.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


"YAY It's nearly the school holidays".
I'm going fishing with my fantastic, loving and caring dad.
He's so awesome that he could get more than two huge fish.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Get lost

I am writing about Get lost.
We got our face panted with the colors blue black and white
The most yuckiest thing I had to do is eat disgusting frog eggs.
We had a little confusion. We meant to go to the bridge next to the duck pond but we went to the one by the cross country track.
Mr Marks sent us back then we went to the right bridge.
The challenge we had to do is make a human pyramid and this man took the photo.
I really had fun. I hope we get to play get lost again.

It was really enjoyable until the afternoon tea bell rang.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

The coolest camp ever

“Guess what some thing has finally began”. Yesterday the 24Th of March year 5 and 6 have started our camp. Today is a bran new day. Today we are going to the hall to do skating and table tennis.

I really can't wait.
I already knew that camp would be so, so good.
So that's why I came to camp.

We went to the Point England Reserve to go kayaking.
First we had to put a life jacket on so we can be safe.
my partner was Grace. We went together then we went by our self.

It turned out to be fun. I wish we could do kayaking again one day

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Blind Folded Obstacle Course

Today the 5th of March room fifteen went to the hall to play P.E. There was a obstacle made for us. We thought it would be quite easy until Mr Marks said we are going to be byline folded.
What he said was not easy after all. Being byline folded is kind of hard. We had to pick a partner that we think we can trust us and direct them in the right way. We had to take off our shoes.

When it was time play, boys started before us but is wasn’t a race. Some girls and their partners went before us. My partner was Ata. When it was our turn we had a lot to do.
I almost slipped on the slippery snakes, but my scariest part of the obstacle was when I jumped off the stage on to the blue mat. I made it, I felt free and now I think my friend Ata is trust worthy.

Now it was time to go in line and wait again until we get another turn. My partner is now going to have a turn byline folded. We are so lucky we ain't last. We will be waiting for quite a while. I hope she trusts me, we got through the obstacle but we are onto the last part now.
I forgot that she was byline folded and I told her to go that way but she went the wrong way because I pointed. She bounced on the corner and fell on the ground. But we had great time!
I hope to play that another day. Its a great P.E game.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

School picnic

On February the 24Th Point England school went for a picnic at Point England beach.
The weather was really hot, so that I was sweating.
Some parents came to help us, they made sure that all the kids were safe which let us have fun.

I had fun swimming. But it was very cold.
Me and my friends were playing tag in the water.
Some of my friends didn’t bring their togs so they missed out. I still had fun.

After swimming me and my friends went to change.
Next we went to ask Mr Marks if we could play a game with him.
The game we played was kind of like soccer except you can pick up the ball.
We really enjoyed playing with our teacher.

Later along that day it was nearly time to go. Everyone had to pack their bags with their stuff.
We had to make sure we got our hats and if we were ready to go.

It was my best day ever!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Images You Can Use

Step 1. Go to google and type in dogs.

Step 2. click on images.

Step 3. Click on the cogwheel and click advance search.

Step 4. click on only images labeled for reuse. Conditions might apply.
Step 5. click (search images) and then select a picture.
Step 6. then you can click on your dog.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My Kiwifruit

The Kiwifruit looks brown and really hairy. My Kiwifruits hair is kind of yellow and orange. Outside of the Kiwifruit is light brown.

Also my Kiwifruit feels fury and squashy. When I squeezed it, it felt squashed. It fells really hairy as in like Hairy Maclary.

This Kiwifruit tastes sweet and a bit sour. But it tastes great and delicious. It’s very, nice!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

everyone weaR their uniform with pride

when we walk to assembly we walk in linE.

remember to always strive to Succseed.

if its a sunny bright day we remember to Purua to potae.

when we play sports champions nEver give up.

if u finish eating something with a raper always Chuck it in the bin.

remember to sTop look and listen.

everyone weaR their uniform with pride

when we walk to assembly we walk in linE.

remember to always strive to Succseed.

if its a sunny bright day we remember to Purua to potae.

when we play sports champions nEver give up.

if u finish eating something with a raper always Chuck it in the bin.

remember to sTop look and listen.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Back to school

My name is Annliz. I go to pt England school. I'm in room 15. year six camp is coming up this term.
Sports is my favourite.

Being back at school was great I couldn't wait any longer. Cant wait to go year six camp.I'm looking forwards to be in the school netball team.So I can be in some sport.

Hope I can improve my reading age. I could expand my reading skills.
Of course I would like to go on a field trip.

I would like to join a production so my parents can watch me dance and enjoy.
Glee is coming up I should find a friend to dance with me .