Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My Kiwifruit

The Kiwifruit looks brown and really hairy. My Kiwifruits hair is kind of yellow and orange. Outside of the Kiwifruit is light brown.

Also my Kiwifruit feels fury and squashy. When I squeezed it, it felt squashed. It fells really hairy as in like Hairy Maclary.

This Kiwifruit tastes sweet and a bit sour. But it tastes great and delicious. It’s very, nice!


Sela said...

Hi Annliz,
Its me Sela you have been doing great through out the year. Yeah you are right some kiwifruits are hairy, and squishy. Mmmmmmm the kiwi tastes very nice, I cant wait to hear more from you.

Best Friend Sela.

Emmy said...

To Annlis, I like your story about kiwifruit it made me luagh it is a wonderful story you made and I like your picture too. Hope you have a nice day by Emmy in room fourteen.

Annliz said...

sorry Emmy you miss spell my name

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