Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Road Show Trip

“Hi, please take a seat” said the guy in a scientist uniform. As I walked into the Tamaki hall, I was surprised by all the science projects. It looked really interesting.

We all got turns to use each project, I didn’t get through them all. But my favourite was the piano. You take of your shoes, and instead of using your fingers, you use your feet. It’s just like a piano mat.

I really enjoyed watching the scientist, do the balloon show. We had to block our ears, incase we got deaf. They had two balloons to blow up. The first balloon had carbon dioxide oxygen air in it, the second balloon had helium air in it. The question was, Which one would be louder if they both blew up? First we blew up the first one, it was alright. The second one was defining. It was really cool.

The roadshow trip turned out really fun, I really want to go there again. I really enjoyed the science projects and everything else. If you went there? you’d probably say the same thing.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson grew up in America and loved Music, he was called King Of Pop. Michael Joseph Jackson was a songwriter, Actor, Musician , Dancer, businessman  and philanthropist. (Philanthropist means a rich guy that gives money away to worthy causes). He was the eighth child of the Jackson Family, born on August 29 in 1958.

On his first moment on the stage was with his brothers as a member of the jackson 5 in 1968, and began his solo career in 1971. During his career in 1980 his music was popular. I love his songs, especially ABC! Some of his other popular music was Beat it, Billie Jean and thriller.

Michael could not only sing , he was a brilliant dancer as well! I use to always watch and sing along to his amazing and talented songs and infact, I still do.  He was a good man, a good man.

Unfortunately, he passed away at the age of 50. He died from a Cardiac arrest. For those who don’t know, he died from a hard attack. It was hard on his family because it was a sudden death.  

Friday, 23 May 2014

Steve Adams

This article is about a basketball player named Steven Funaki Adams. He is the youngest child out of Sid’s 18 children with five different woman. He is a professional basketball player who currently plays for Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association. He was chosen by the Thunder.

Earlier in his life when his dad passed away, it was a big hit for him. He was really stressed out. He would always skip school and lie to his brothers and sisters. They would ask him if he’s going school and he would say yeah, then do the opposite.

One of his brothers, Warren. He stepped in to fill the gap, inviting him to his hometown to live with him. Steve went to a basketball academy. And he played for college. Then he kept playing and became a professional basketball player!

Sound Explanation

If sound didn't exist, then life would be less fun. We wouldn't be able to listen to music or communicate properly with each other. It would be really boring and difficult. But what is sound?

Well, sound is made by vibration. An object vibrates the air molecules, which vibrates through your ear drum. It then converts into a electitional signal that works through to your brain. Then you will know what sound it is.

There is differences between sound. The more sound waves per second, the higher the pitch will be. The less sound waves a second, the lower the pitch will be.

If you look at a sound wave, the point of a sound wave is called crest or peak, the bottom is called trough. Frequency is sound waves over time and is also known as hertz.

Sound can travel through water, air, solids and anything else that can vibrate. Sound cannot travel through space because there is no air molecules to vibrate. And without vibrate there is no sound.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Nigerian Girls Article

Breaking News! I have heard in Africa 234 girls were taken by kidnappers. That is so shocking news, isn't it? Nearly a million women marching in the Nigerian Capital with signs that says Bring Our Girls Back. Mothers of the girls were so full with tears, disappointed and so, so upset.

Nothing has brought the girls back. They have not rescued any girls yet. The girls were at the age of 16-18. Parents and other town have joined together to search for their girls. People from other country like USA have also joined to support and search for the girls.   

It’s been about a month now that the Nigerian girls have been kidnapped by the local terrorist group, and families are starting to loose hope. The terrorist are wanting some of their group released from prison.

The girls have been getting support from all around the world. Governments from all around the world have been calling for the girls release. Hopefully the parents will get their girls back soon and everything will come out fine.


Bats use echolocation to navigate and locate prey. They emit really high pitched sounds which are inaudible for humans. These sounds locate objects and bounce off them back to the bat's sensitive ears. Then they can identify the objects.

Sonar is short for (SOund Navigation And Ranging), it is a technique using echolocation that uses sound usually underwater. In submarine navigation sonar helps them to navigate or to communicate with or notice objects on or under the water.

There is a boy named Ben Underwood that has been blind ever since he was two years old who uses echolocation to guide himself. Unfortunately he passed away from the very same cancer that took his eyesight some 14 years prior. Ben would play games, climb trees, ride bike, skate and just about anything else not too long after he became blind.  

Ben was able to do these things by using echolocation just like bats and marine mammals. He wore fake eyes that really looked realistic. For some reason he clicked with his mouth to send an sound which locates a near object and bounces right off back to his ears, just like dolphins. Then he can identify the objects.

Echolocation is used by bats and marine mammals, in particular dolphins and bats. Echolocation means when a echo is sent out then bounces off an object and comes back right at the bats/dolphins ears.