Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Instrument: Guitar

1. you need a shoe box or box
2. strings
3. pencil for the holes
4. wrapping tube
5. masking Tape

Now cut a hole in the middle of your Shoe box/tissue box. Then cut another hole on the sides for the wrapping tube. Push the wrapping tube through the 2 holes at the side of the box. Then tape the wrapping tube to stable it to the box. Thread six strings across the whole of the box. Use a pencil or a sharp knife to make hole for the string. The strings should be a little bit loose to make some sounds. Attach a strap to your guitar and you are ready to rock!

Explanation- Instrument

When you strum a string of the guitar the string will vibrate and the molecules will move back and forth then it travels to your eardrums and then the electrical signal will go into your brain.

If you drop a stone into the pond the water will move out as the stone drops into the pond. The pond will lift higher than it was before. Like as if you fill a bowl with water and then leave you hand were the height is then put a cup into it and then you’ll see how higher it will be.