Wednesday, 28 November 2012


“This way Hope”! I shouted. “No this way”! Hope shouted. It is quite hard sailing when it’s your first time. We sailed out far in the sea that I got really scared.

On the way there Hope and I couldn’t stop laughing because Robert and his Sail Boat tipped over two times. Antonio tipped over only like about once. It was hilarious but sad at the same time. We got carried away that we couldn’t turn around.

We were trying our best to turn but the Sail Boat wouldn’t turn around. Hope and I were going too far that we ended up on the other side of where we were suppose to be. Then we looked if anyone was coming and there was peter in his dinghy.

“Sail back now” says peter. I was like you gotta be kidding me. “I’m dying here Hope” Saying to Hope as if I was going to die. But I did it and we got back safely and wet.

Walking up to the deck we were still laughing everyone was there staring at us. It was funny for us but not for them because they didn’t know what had happened. We were quite happy that peter saved us. We said a big, big thankyou to him.

Thank you Sarona for editing my writing!

Friday, 9 November 2012


“Huh huh huh” i breath like as if was going to die. Triathlon is so exhausting, it includes running, biking, and diving on your stomach on a water slide. First is water slide then biking and lastly running. “Oh man still got one round to do” I said to Ana my friend. I could tell her face was red easily.

First I had to slide on the water slide which was exhausting. I had to slide four times. sliding on my stomach was so fun but when I finished I had grass all over me.

Next I had to run quickly and pick a bike, but there is one important rule that you must put on your helmet the right way and make sure it is clicked. Push your bike to the starting line and hop on. Then you have to two laps around the flags. There are four flags that you must ride past. Now we park the bikes and put the helmets where we found them.

Lastly we run fast to the running course. We are allowed to run when ever we want. “yay almost there yes i’m here” I said happily.

“Woo hoo I made it and yay I came first”! Shouting cheerfully and tired at the same time. Triathlon is not that bad at all. Once you try it you will start loving it. Just remember to stay fit.  

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Jumping Off a High Roof

One Night at his house a boy named Sam had a birthday. He wished that one day he could jump off his roof. In the morning he was very bored. He was planning to climb up his dad John’s ladder to the top of his roof and jump onto his trampoline.

He walked back and then he ran so fast that he jumped too far. He landed on solid ground and damaged his head and back. His mother Adlina ran out to see what was going on. She ran to the phone and rang the ambulance.

Ambulance arrived and took Sam to the hospital as fast as they could. He had head injury and also his back. The good news were that he was still alive after his head surgery. But the bad news is that he has to learn how to walk again.

He was lucky he is still alive, thanks to the nurses and doctors. He has learnt how to walk again and he has learnt a lesson as well. Sam is the luckiest boy in the world.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Drifting In The Hot Desert

Drifting through the desert is so exhausting. There are two boys driving in a dune buggy. Their names are John and caleb.

They were driving so slow that they got stuck. Caleb forgot to bring shovels incase this happens. They used their hands to dig. Luckily John brang some water.

They had a huge Australian flag hanging on the dune buggy. they were hoping that they could use it to get help. John took off the flag and waved it around and finally people arrived. He was happy that they were saved because the dune buggy was sinking as the sand is so soft.

“Finally we are home sweet home’’ Caleb says relaxing his feet in a bucket of cold water. The san in the desert was really hot. John didn't say anything because he could only concentrate on having a rest.