Friday, 22 March 2013

The whacky Dog Competition

“Come here Buster come here boy” Mr Brownie yelled. Mr brownie and his dog Buster has entered the whacky dog surfing competition down at eastern beach this morning. They had to wake up real early because it starts at 8:00 A.M

Buster was wearing safety gear and a lion wig. They called him the Liog. Before you get all crazy, I know you all think what on earth are those dogs just about to do. Dogs on surfboards!? Your just going to have to cope with it. This competition only happens once in a year in Egypt.

Mr Brownie puts Buster onto the glittering blue surfboard and off he goes. Surfing past some dogs, Buster had to be careful. "oh no watch out for those dangerous rocks Buster!" Cried Mr Brownie. Luckily... Buster got passed those dangerous rocks. "Yaaay" Mr Brownie shouted. All the other dogs got stuck between the rocks except for one?

Reaching for the finish line, Buster was so smart actually Mr Brownie taught him how to reach out his hand. He reached and he reached and... He just beat The other dog by about one inch long.

"Whoo you have won" Mr Brownie says excitingly. "Woof Woof" Barked Buster Victoriously. He was so happy and tired at the same time. Everyone in the crowd clapped joyfull.

He was relieved that he was off the glittering blue surfboard. You could imagine a dog on a surfboard scared alright. Buster was scared, but not scared as you thought. As soon as he got off and one the GOLD MEDAL... The end.


anab said...

Cool story annilz it was so great reading it keep it up !!!!

Daphney McFadden said...

This is an amazing read! My name is Daphney McFadden. I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. I think that this is a very cute story with a very clear plot. Maybe you should think about continuing this book. One suggestion though, please be careful about your puncuation and quotation placement. Have a teacher or friend to proofread before you post. All in all, I really hope that you continue writing because you have quite the gift to be so young.

Annliz said...

Hey, Thanks for the comment. I really appreciated it and thanks for the advice. I will make sure that I check my punctuation before I post all.

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