Friday, 24 October 2014


Take a second and imagine everyone in the world showing empathy, It would be a safe and a better place to live in, wouldn't it be? Empathy is about standing in someone else’s shoes and understanding their feelings. For example, if someone was feeling down or hurt, put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel?

I think the best way to show empathy is to be respectful, help them out with their situation. Just remember that everyone has feelings, don't just think about yourself. Show empathy by understanding their feelings. Make sure their feeling safe or even ask them if they need any help.

Don’t you want to live in a world full of empathetic people? Think about your family members not having to take the risk of going off to war, no wars, no fighting. Think about schools with no bullies, Just think about these small things we can change. It’s all upto you. Empathy is very important, not only is empathy important when someone is feeling sad, also when you are feeling sad.

Normally empathy underestimated. We should all encourage every single kid about understanding the mind of maturity to become empathetic, so that they can express their joy, pain and find out their abilities to tackle situations in the future. I am pretty sure we all have a little bit of empathy in us, this would change the world.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Immersion Assembly

This morning was such a surprise, especially when we found out what our theme for this term was... ART ATTACK!  Not that I’m any good at the subject. Well, in assembly this morning each team had to put on a performance and it had to be about what they were learning about this term. I really enjoyed team 4 and 5’s performance, I was fascinated.

Team 4 performed a short play about an art competition. There were about 6 contestants in the competition holding a piece of their own art work. They all acted out as famous artists. All the actors would have to tell some things about themselves. The judge would walk to one contestant and then we would have to clap if we liked their artwork, the artist that got the loudest applause is the winner. The winner is Pablo Picasso

My favourite performance was team 5’s of course. There was a bit of confusion in their performance for me. They all started painting mad and fast on a big piece of blank paper as they got onto the stage. I was sitting there as if I was dumb trying to figure out what they were painting. Maybe it was just me being impatient, because they turned the paper upside down and it turned out that they painted some of our teachers faces upside down, so im guessing the paper was already upside down? Anyways, it was such a beautiful piece of artwork, if the people they painted stood next to the painting, you wouldn’t be able to tell a difference.

It was a really good immersion assembly, I enjoyed it. I cant wait to get my paintbrush dipped into all the colourful colours and start being creative, not that i'm any good at it like I said in the beginning. But yeah I like our theme for term 4, it seems very inventive.