Monday, 16 December 2013

Last 2013 Movie

Friends from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

The Helpful Elves! ! !

Unexpectedly, Mr Burt told us that elves are coming to Pt England to give us all presents? At first I thought elves never actually existed. Well, They’re coming to our school. We were all sitting in the hall waiting. As they arrived we all started to stare. Our jaws dropped just like that.

We sat in a group of girls and boys, while the elves went to their “Slade” and grabbed a whole bag of presents, even more than one of Santas sack. We sat in rows so that it will be easy to get our presents. We lined up, already to receive our lovely and thoughtful presents.

As we got back to class, we rapped open our presents. I was so thankful and grateful, I go paint and panels to paint on. I got one small paint brush as well. I was really happy, because I could paint my friend a panel for secret Santa.

I just want to say a massive and a enormous big “THANK YOU” to MOTAT and Johnson & Johnson for what they have done. We are sure we will treasure them.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Rolihlahla  Mandela, Born In Transkei, 1918. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was a South African anti-apartheid who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. He was South Africa's first black chief executive, and the first elected in a fully typical popular election.

He went to primary school near Qunu, Got the name “Nelson” from a teacher. Mandela attended the Fort Hare University and the University of Witwatersrand, where he studied to be a lawyer. While attending Fort Hare University (studying for a Bachelor of Arts degree) Nelson Mandela met two men who were to become close friends and influences in his life and one of them was Oliver Tambo and the other one was Kaiser 'K.D' Matanzima. Matanzima was in line for the Transkei throne.

From 1948 until early 1994 Apartheid was made law in South Africa, even though it is considered to have been a breaking of exchange law. The idea of 'grand apartheid' was now one of government separation, while 'petty apartheid' had more to do with segregation.

Under apartheid Mandela was in prison nearly 27 years, but he never gave up the fight. There is probably no one who has done a lot to end the rule of apartheid as Nelson Mandela.

After his release from prison in 1990 Nelson Mandela went on to become president of South Africa. Apartheid was now ended though there is no doubt that much of the racism is still deeply rooted in the country. He has been the voice of all the people and made the message heard right around the whole wide world!!

Nelson Mandela, December the 6th 2013, He had past away. We all know he will never be forgotten. It’s really sad knowing that one of the greatest, caring, peaceful man Like Nelson Mandela would leave. He is a hero and will always be known as one, also Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Action World!!!

Action World, a place filled with obstacle courses that you and your family can enjoy! Based in Henderson, West Auckland. Last Friday, the year 7’s went to Action World for our trip. We travelled by bus, Excitedly singing on the way.

As we arrived, we took off our bags and took off our shoes. Before we even thought about trying out the activities, we had to sit and listen to Jerry go through the safety rules. Really important as “They Say” .

So, my favourite obstacle course is the tra-peeze obviously. Well there was something I had to do before I could go on it, Past the jungle swings test. Junge swings is slightly easier. There is four swings, it’s like four monkey bars. We had to atleast make it to the end to have a turn on the tra-peeze.

Action World, is a place I’d stay for a whole day again. It’s so enjoyable, that makes you not want to leave! I had a lot of fun, having a turn on all activities.

I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to all the tutors for being so helpful. Remember settings is in the first paragraph. It was such a... BLAST!

Reflection 2013

This year has been a great experience, Learning new things everyday with my netbook. I can say Pt England compared to my old school is such a massive relief. At my old school, we write on paper, basically we do everything on paper!!! However at Pt England, we have netbooks.

Writing on paper makes me feel like I’m in jail. I can’t even take my fingers off the pencil, my hands get sweaty and tired from writing line by line. It’s annoying how you make mistakes, you either have to rub it out or start again. Because crossing it out with a pencil makes it messy! Which teachers don’t like.

Unlike Pt England we have netbooks, we share our work with the whole world by posting everything on our blog. Sometimes the internet stuffs up, But we have g edit to back us up. Then when the internet connects, we copy and paste our work onto our document.

I helped out my friend when she was struggling with her fractions, well not really. She went on my blog where I had left my movie about fractions. We were doing the same activity, so she had a watch. She took a look and knew straight away she could do that.... All from my blog!

I have done some learning myself this year, I taught myself how to edit a movie on a Ipad. After I had a few tries, I got use to is and started using it more often. It’s not that hard or not that simple, anyone could have a try.

That’s why I love my netbook so much, It’s our own responsibility to look after it. So, this year has been a great year. Never to be forgotten.