Monday, 31 March 2014

Show not telling settings

“Be quiet!” I shout at my sister. She snores louder than my cousin playing a trumpet. Pulling up the blankets, I shiver as the wind blows stronger and stronger through the trees outside my window. Shadows appear on my wall from cars going past. Hearing all sorts of noises coming from outside, I can tell the breeze just getting worse. A bright moon shining onto my window, gives me a little bit of light. How can this get more annoying!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

"Show" Not "Tell"

Tick tock ,Tick tock” Time was running and it was the last shot, the ball just left his hand, the ball through pass the air aiming for the hoop. Suddenly hit the rim and drop onto the floor. No” the team said. Tama frowned his face and his team looked at him smiling.

"Show" Not "Tell"

Mary jumped high in the air with a big smile on her face as her older sister Jan yelled that they’re leaving in a few minutes. Mary went panicking, rushing under dirty clothing, in her closet everywhere. It drove her crazy, while her sister Jan was getting impatient of waiting so long for Mary.

"Show" No "Tell"

Please, Please” Laura yelled, can I please come with you to the shops? I’ve told you more than twice, no you can’t go the the shop with me”. Laura scrunched her face and ran into her bedroom door with a big slam. Your so means” Laura yelled

Standing there waiting for the coach to name out the Netball team, Keri Stood nervously thinking that if she would've made it or not. As the coach announced the names, Keri crossed her fingers and closed her eyes wishing to be called out.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Annliz- Book Review

Book Title: Sinking
Author: David HIll
Reviewer: Annliz Class 4
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My book is about when a crazy old man leaps out of the bushes at Conrad when he was on his way to the Aquatic Centre for his swimming trainings for the provincials. Conrad gets his fright of his life !

When he finds out the man's daughter is that weird horse-riding girl from school, he decides to stay clear of them.

But his mind is thinking other things, He is drawn into a grim secret. What's the old man's connection to a death from long ago?
(Optional - Find a good quote from the book that might make people want to read it)

More Figures, splashing and clutching, yanking all three of us into the shallows and onto the bank. Hopie stood watching, two men now holding he reins. Finn Wilson was on his hands and knees, painting and shuddering.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Poem 1

My name is Annliz

I like to gossip with my friends.

I am a daughter of Lupe & Hines

I have one sister, no brothers

I love playing Netball, listening to music, eating and visiting my grandpa <3

I feel emotional when in a plane

I have been to Australia before

I need a brush every morning to brush my hair for school

I'm scared of huge dogs i don’t know and white tails.

Resident of Manawatu

My nick name is Leece

Monday, 10 March 2014

Fijian Flag Article

dotThe Current flag of Fiji was Adopted on the 10 October 1970, The flag had remained the Same as during the Colonial period. Also It has remained unchanged Since the Fijian was declared a Republic in 1987. The Current flag is very Similar to the Colonial ensign it used prior to independence, the main differences being the latter used a darker shade of blue and displayed the entire Fijian coat of arms as opposed to just the shield.

The flag of Fiji is a shade of a blue sky with the British Union Jack in the upper left corner. To the right of the Union Jack there a shield from the coat of arms of Fiji. The blue sky of the Fiji flag reflects the island nation's strong relationship with the Pacific Ocean that surrounds it. The British Union Jack represents Fiji's history as a colony of the United Kingdom.

The flag of the UK in the upper hoist-side quadrant and the Fijian shield centered on the outer half of the flag; the blue symbolizes the Pacific ocean and the Union Jack reflects the links with Great Britain the shield taken from Fiji's coat of arms depicts a yellow lion above a white field quartered by the cross of Saint George; the four quarters depict stalks of sugarcane A palm tree, bananas, and a white dove..

Fiji held a competition upon its independence to design a new Fiji flag, but their flag now looks really similar to their old flag. This might be because Fiji still has strong cheap and political ties with Britain.