Friday, 11 May 2012

At Eden Park

Excitedly on the day we went to Eden park to play our game It was amazing. As we got to Eden park we were dying to get into the stadium. We were waiting so long that we started to feel heavy rain.

As we approached into the stadium I was about to faint. We decided to sit on cold and wet chairs.Our seats were so wet that we got to sit on our jackets. Our jackets turned really saturated.

when we got to start our game we were all excited. The stadium was quite small and the stadium had a slippery surface. All the school’s finished their games. Then off the girls go to change. we got to watch the Blues VS  Reds game.

As the Blues entered the game screaming fans were screaming too loud that flames made a huge explosion. There was a lot of flags waving in the air. When the Reds entered th stadium same thing happened. My favourite player on the blues was Ma'a Nonu.

It turned out great! I Had great fun!


Sela said...

Hey Annliz,
Wow! We sure did have lots of fun playing in the slippery surface. You are right when we got to the stadium we all did nearly faint. That was a huge surprise that we got to watch the Blues versus Reds, that was quite fun. Did you get tagged by the other team? Keep it up Annliz I can't wait to hear more from you.

From Sela

Annliz said...

Hi Sela I did actually get tagged from the other team, I did have a lot of fun


Lisia said...

Hey Annliz,
Wow, your really lucky your not in room17, or else you would doing 40 push-ups. Any way, I liked reading your writing. Next time you should check your work before you publish it. I am really looking forward for your next blog post.
From: Lisia

Annliz said...

I think I should check before post

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