Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Animation Plus Paragraph

In the Christmas Holidays, all I did was stay home and watch the Christmas lights on the Christmas tree go off, on, off and on. Instead of my mum putting the Christmas presents under the tree, she hid them away. She knew we would rip a small hole in the wrapper and have a peak, but that would just spoilt the surprise.

Annliz Holiday Animation1 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.


Lorde is a 16 year old student at Takapuna Grammar College. She is a New Zealand singer/songwriter. Lorde released her first album, The Love Club, Online in December 2012, winning millions of fans.

Surprisingly Lorde hit the top 40 billboard (Royals), and also reached number one on the Billboard hot 100 in 2013, making her the first New Zealand solo artist to have a number one song in the United States. She jointly won the 2013 Silver Scroll award.

Her other name is Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor. Lorde performed difference singing and and drama classes when she was a child, at the age of thirteen she was sighed with Universal. She has a a older sister and a younger brother and a younger sister. When she was the age of 5 she followed a dream with her friend discovering that they love singing and acting.

Lorde was in a school called Belmont Intermediate School, and attended in the schools talent show. After seeing her performance at the talent show, McDonald’s father sent out recordings of Lorde covering Duffy’s hit song.

Annliz & Ashlee's Article

The Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared on the 8th of march 2014 and the malaysian air force are still searching from this day forward. Before they even knew that something was going wrong the flight was scheduled to depart from Kuala Lampur, Malaysia and was supposed to land in Beijing but did not show. They tried to see what happened and after hours of searching to try and find it to see where it was it dissapeared off the radar they then thoughtit was lost in the air.

For the last week the air force was searching all around the area where it was supposed to go. Later in the week the search kept continuing until they came to there senses. Everybody that was part of the search team had there own opinions the main scenarios was that the plane had been hijacked, had a pilot error or crashed.

In the search they found that the plane had two people with stolen passports and tried to see if they might have been suspects in to the crime or if they were victims.They did background checks and busted into their homes but did not find any evidence of them being a part of the crimes. 

The search still continued and each day they are still uncovering new clues on who hijacked it and where the plane is. They have some clues on who has hijacked it and are now trying to find out why and where.

My thoughts on the Hijack of the plane is ridiculous because where would they hide it and what will they do with it.

Banning Cars in Paris

The French government has made a law that people who own cars can only drive it on certain days. The specific law is that drivers with uneven license plates will drive on one day and drivers with even license plates will drive on the other day.

Basically they made this law to stop the pollution in paris. Because the pollution rates are really high and they want to try and solve it by taking half of the cars of the street. They have tried one day with the new law.

They organised this by putting a meeting together and making advertisements for the residents of paris but most of all for the drivers who own cars. When the law was tested they thought it was a good idea but for some reason they didn’t continue.

Now in Paris the cars are running as usual and maybe the pollution rates. Hopefully if you visit Paris it won’t be polluted and it will be the usual city.

Empathy Movie

Ashlee And Annliz from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

34x16=____? Partitioning

Friday, 11 April 2014

Fiafia night

I walked into the breeze and I could already smell the food and I could already see thousands of people milling all around the courts like there was something going on and there was, FIAFIA NIGHT! There were about 3 and a half thousand people there at Pt England School last Wednesday night because it was Fiafia night and I'm going to tell you all about it.

Pt England school has a Fiafia night every second year. We have Fiafia night because it’s a brilliant celebration and our families really enjoy coming and watching their kids perform at their best! They even said they want it every year!

“Finally” I said nervously to myself as the Niuean group walked to the stairs of the stage. We stood there waiting for jump jam to finish their enthusiastic performance. They left the stage with huge grins on their faces. I walked up with butterflies in my stomach to the top of the stairs. As I walked on the stage I couldn’t really see the crowd, so the butterflies disappeared slowly. I got into it and danced at my best!

So Fiafia night was a huge blast. I think it was my best highlight for this term, because everyone was happy and the audience was proud and enjoyed watching their kids perform.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Weta Article

Weta’s have their ears on their front knees and can feel the vibrations of noises around them. You can tell a male and female weta apart because females have a long ovipositor, which looks a bit like a stinger and they use that to lay it eggs.

Weta are large by insects. Some of the giant weta are enormous and are one of the heaviest insects in the world. The weta is sometimes called the dinosaur of the insect world!

There are five different types of weta- tree weta, cave weta, giant weta, tusked weta and ground weta. Altogether there are over 100 different species of weta.  There is a lot weta surrounded around the whole world.

Weta’s are not dangerous, they can’t kill you or harm you. They are nice insects. They can look scary and big for a insect, but they can’t do anything but disturb you!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Sports At Tamaki College

“Oh my gosh” I say with a exhausted expression on my face. Making my way down to Tamaki College, the sun shines so bright in my face. As we arrive we go quickly as human possible into our groups, then head off to our activities. My favourite activity is called orienteering because it includes running and using your brains. The fun thing is that we get to run around holding ipads, here at Pt England, we’re not allowed. It’s just like disobeying the rules. I also enjoy playing “Climb The Ladder” it was fun and enjoyable. Everyone was laughing and smiling. Some of us jumped so far, that the next person couldn’t make it because you only get one step. The good thing is that no one got stood on. Having P.E at Tamaki College is very fun. We are so lucky we get to go there every Friday. Can’t wait for the next Friday!