Monday, 19 March 2012

Get lost

I am writing about Get lost.
We got our face panted with the colors blue black and white
The most yuckiest thing I had to do is eat disgusting frog eggs.
We had a little confusion. We meant to go to the bridge next to the duck pond but we went to the one by the cross country track.
Mr Marks sent us back then we went to the right bridge.
The challenge we had to do is make a human pyramid and this man took the photo.
I really had fun. I hope we get to play get lost again.

It was really enjoyable until the afternoon tea bell rang.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

The coolest camp ever

“Guess what some thing has finally began”. Yesterday the 24Th of March year 5 and 6 have started our camp. Today is a bran new day. Today we are going to the hall to do skating and table tennis.

I really can't wait.
I already knew that camp would be so, so good.
So that's why I came to camp.

We went to the Point England Reserve to go kayaking.
First we had to put a life jacket on so we can be safe.
my partner was Grace. We went together then we went by our self.

It turned out to be fun. I wish we could do kayaking again one day

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Blind Folded Obstacle Course

Today the 5th of March room fifteen went to the hall to play P.E. There was a obstacle made for us. We thought it would be quite easy until Mr Marks said we are going to be byline folded.
What he said was not easy after all. Being byline folded is kind of hard. We had to pick a partner that we think we can trust us and direct them in the right way. We had to take off our shoes.

When it was time play, boys started before us but is wasn’t a race. Some girls and their partners went before us. My partner was Ata. When it was our turn we had a lot to do.
I almost slipped on the slippery snakes, but my scariest part of the obstacle was when I jumped off the stage on to the blue mat. I made it, I felt free and now I think my friend Ata is trust worthy.

Now it was time to go in line and wait again until we get another turn. My partner is now going to have a turn byline folded. We are so lucky we ain't last. We will be waiting for quite a while. I hope she trusts me, we got through the obstacle but we are onto the last part now.
I forgot that she was byline folded and I told her to go that way but she went the wrong way because I pointed. She bounced on the corner and fell on the ground. But we had great time!
I hope to play that another day. Its a great P.E game.