Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Sibling Issues
Siblings, siblings, siblings, ? how bad could it be ?? Well i don’t know because i’m the youngest.
I don’t need to worry cause I’m the bravest, but not the strongest....
I can’t say anything to upset her because any second she could be right here in my face !
I can’t run cause i’ll trip up on my lace !
I can’t hide cause she’ll find me and give me a really bad taste.
That’s my life, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

I’m Right You’re Wrong !
Arguing with my siblings is the thing i hate !
My sister and I are the main characters in the HOUSE !
well it’s only us children living in the HOUSE.
Me and my sister enelope can argue all night.
Sometimes, i get angry when she wears my tights !
We call each other names.
She acts like she’s the boss, but I think she’s really lame.
One time I ate the last pear ?
and all of a sudden her eyes decided to shed a tear.

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Miss K said...

This is great Annliz. I can see that you did some great thinking with Joshua. I can also feel the intensity of your relationship with your sister. :-)
Keep thinking, keep working and keep up this greatness.

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