Thursday, 27 September 2012

My Narrative Story

 One lovely afternoon in a forest there lived a girl named Aldora with her mum, dad, pet dog named Tex and her two friends Ana and Meleane. “Go take Tex for a walk” said Aldora’s mum. So off she went.As she opened the gate and ready to put on his leash, he had ran off.

She tried to chase him but he was too fast. She raced down to her friend Ana’s house who lived nearby. She catches her breath and asks Ana if she had seen tex But she had not seen him.

Then she saw her friend Meleane wondering around the park throwing bread into the duck pond.
She just remembered that Tex was hungry, so she ran home and got his food. She put it in a bowl and outside the gate. Then there came Tex running home and eating like as if he hasn’t ate before.

Aldora was very happy and releifed that Tex came home safe. Tex is really happy to be fed his favourite food. Luckily he had a great sense of smell.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


“I think this is going to be hard” Saying to my friend like I was scared. Mr Marks told us to get a thick band, put it around our waist and slide one of our arms into it. Not knowing what to do we had to run quick as we can with one of our arms tied. It was awkward and challenging.

“Hahaha” Mr Marks laughed. Most of us looked a bit silly. It was very hilarious running there and back. Some of us even looked like we were dancing. I hope that i didn’t look silly or hilarious.  

At the end I wish that we could keep on going but we had more paralympic activities. I had lots of fun and it was enjoyable. I hope we get to do this another time. I think everyone had a great time as well.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Wheelchair Sprint

Looking at the athletes spoked and disced wheels, they have reached the finish line but they can’t stop because their wheels are spinning faster than ever. Most the athletes have amputated limbs. Their challenge is to try get to the finish line even though their legs are amputated.


In the weekend I played at the park and I saw  my friend Aldora. We played on the cool and fun swing. After that we saw some kids playing ball tiggy so we decided to join in.  

Later on that day we chose to walk down to the takeaways and bought us some chicken and chips. Then we walked back to the park with our food and sat on the chairs and ate until we were full. Then it was time to go home before it got late.

I said goodbye to my friend and  headed home. I had a great time with her and I hope we could do this again another time.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Tandem Cycling

Wow watching the tandem cycling  is amazing.  Legs pumping from the start line to the finish line. Strong arms, holding on to the handle bar. The wheels are flaming they are on fire. The person at the back of the tandem bicycle is blind and the bike has two seats and two wheels.