Thursday, 30 May 2013

20 Big Burgers

“Delicious!” The customer said as he left. Meanwhile Justin Bieber entered the door with his family. They looked starved. They ordered twenty big burgers.

The cooks went off to the kitchen and started cooking fast as they can. “Eighteen down two to go” Shouted the chief. As they were cooking they ran out of meat patties. Justin Bieber and his family were getting mad. One of the cooks went down to the shops and bought a pile of meat patties. Running back to the restaurant Justin's family had turned into chickens except fo justin and his sister. The cooks were really lost, they didn’t know what to do. “Oh no!” said justin his sister has turned into chicken as well.

Luckily batman appeared from nowhere with a potion ? The cooks were wondering why does he have a potion ? Batman split the potion on all of the chickens and they all turned back to normal again and ran out of the restaurant. Bieber family never showed their faces at this restaurant ever again. it appears that everyone heard about what had happened in the news paper. So now no one ever goes there. Making no money, their store has shut down.


Turuhira said...

Hey Annliz,
I loved you story it was interesting. But what you really need to work on is sentence beginning.

kimberly said...

hey Annliz,

This was a great story about 20 big burgers it was really interesting. But what you need to work on is to make sure that your sentences make sence

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