Monday, 29 October 2012


   “Oh no” Jake said. Looking around Tex their dog had ran off before putting on his leash. They ran into the forest hoping he would be there. “Ahh”! Shouted Jake. A tree had fallen on him.

He tried to get out but there was no way. He thought he was alone stuck under the tree  but his brother Bob was stuck as well. “Help, Help”! Bob shouted, no one heard a thing. He had a mobile phone but no luck because there is no phone service in the forest.

Then there came Tex their smart dog sniffing his way through seeing them stuck under the tree. They tried telling him to go fetch help but he looked hungry and started to howl. A few minutes later finally help was there. One of the helpers had to run out of the forest so they could call the ambulance.

Luckily Tex saved the day by his horrible, loud howling. After the hospital back home, on the couch and watching TV. It was quite sad because choppers had to chop some trees that looked like they are old and could fall.

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