Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Stop Bullying

Have you bullies out there ever thought twice before saying or acting? Here at Pt England there is a saying called ‘Stop Think & Do’. To be honest, my opinion about bullies is ugly, that’s why I have a diary.

When you want to say mean things about someone, think twice. Would you like it if they said those nasty things about you? If you feel like hitting someone, go punch your pillow. Don’t just think about yourself. Everyone has feelings, saying one bad thing can take away an innocent life.

Bullies are nothing more than losers, i’m not sure if they've ever heard of a word called ‘kind or nice’ because all they do is the opposite. Getting bullied is hard, but the best thing to do is to count to ten and walk away. Think about those who do love you.

If you think bullying makes you cool? oh well, think twice. It’s not. Just imagine a world without bullies for a second? Stop bullying.

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