Wednesday, 29 February 2012

School picnic

On February the 24Th Point England school went for a picnic at Point England beach.
The weather was really hot, so that I was sweating.
Some parents came to help us, they made sure that all the kids were safe which let us have fun.

I had fun swimming. But it was very cold.
Me and my friends were playing tag in the water.
Some of my friends didn’t bring their togs so they missed out. I still had fun.

After swimming me and my friends went to change.
Next we went to ask Mr Marks if we could play a game with him.
The game we played was kind of like soccer except you can pick up the ball.
We really enjoyed playing with our teacher.

Later along that day it was nearly time to go. Everyone had to pack their bags with their stuff.
We had to make sure we got our hats and if we were ready to go.

It was my best day ever!


Sela said...

Hey Annliz,
Woow!It looked like you had fun at the picnic. That is maybe one the best things I like about this school. Did you get to swim in to the beautiful water? Keep it up!! I can't wait to hear more from you Annliz.

Your Sincerly


Annliz said...

i did get to swim in the beautiful water but it was freezing cold

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