Monday, 19 March 2012

Get lost

I am writing about Get lost.
We got our face panted with the colors blue black and white
The most yuckiest thing I had to do is eat disgusting frog eggs.
We had a little confusion. We meant to go to the bridge next to the duck pond but we went to the one by the cross country track.
Mr Marks sent us back then we went to the right bridge.
The challenge we had to do is make a human pyramid and this man took the photo.
I really had fun. I hope we get to play get lost again.

It was really enjoyable until the afternoon tea bell rang.


Hope said...

Hi Annliz
Great story for your camp. I got a question for you was camp fun? Well keep it up and I can't wait till your next blog post.

Grace said...

Hi Annliz get lost was cool. Did you have fun I did. I will be waiting for you next blog.

Hannah said...

Hi Annliz,

I really like your photo,its really funny.It looked like you had a lot of fun and you never wanted to stop.Keep up the cool work!!:)

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