Friday, 11 May 2012

First Day At Swimming

Sadly on the first day I went swimming. It wasn't fun because I forgot my togs. I just had to sit quietly and watch my own class swim. Impatiently I waited for my class to finish their swimming lesson. I was thinking that it would take a while for my class to finish their swimming lesson.

Saying to myself that when I swim I probably would drown. The pool looked deep. Looking at my friend she could barely breath. Everyone swimming looked very tall. I hope when I go into the pool I hope I’m tall enough. It looked very, very scary.

Finally my class was finish their swimming lesson. Sitting on the hard seat waiting for my class to finish their swimming lesson made my bottom sore. Everyone got changed into their uniform and then we walked tiredly back to school.


Mr Marks said...

Well done Annliz. I think its great that you have included different sentence beginnings. It makes your writing a lot more interesting to read.

How about trying to include some speech in your next piece of writing.

Annliz said...

OK thank you

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