Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Jackson Pollock

Wow! “have you ever heard of an awesome artist named Jackson Pollock”.
He lived in America in New York City.
Jackson Pollock was married, he also smoked and drank beer.
He died at a very young age. He died in a car crash.

Jackson Pollock’s painting was very famous. Some of his art  has already been sold. Most of his techniques were flicking and splattering.

Room fifteen has tried his type of painting. We liked it.
We had great fun! We were over excited that the grass turned into colourful grass. Everyone was flicking splattering and dripping paint everywhere. I felt extraordinarily happy.


Mr Marks said...

Well done Annliz. I like your last paragraph because you have used descriptive language and interesting words.

Annliz said...

thanks! Mr Marks

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