Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Alien Narrative

Once upon a time I was sleeping on my bed. Waking up from a loud sound. Looking up at a strange creature, thinking what it was obviously it was an alien a scary, ugly alien.

“No, no, no leave me alone”! I screamed. They shoved me into a huge dog cage. Wondering where am I going, Suddenly I was in a pet shop.

Locked in a cage felt awful. Looking around I saw my  friend Hope. “Hope stay away they’re going to lock you up just like me”. I shouted. She said don’t worry I have come to save you.
fighting her hardest trying to get through, she finally got through and saved me.

She found the key and unlocked the cage. I got out quickly before the aliens had stood back up. My friend Hope was so powerful I felt like her number one fan.

She had two jet packs, she gave me one and she wore one. We both ran out the door and flew into the sky.
She dropped me home and then she went home.

Safe and sound at home. Luckily I was home on time for dinner. Thanks to my Friend Hope.

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