Tuesday, 19 June 2012


 “Finally we got to Youthtown” I said. One foot in the art studio it felt like a dream, flying through the air don’t know where to sit. Now I have woken up I found somewhere to sit.
I have been given a book to look for some designs I might be interested in.

    I didn't want to pick a design so I chose to design a love heart. The clay was sticky and smooth.
rolling the clay my hands felt weird. I just finished my design and I am ready to decorate it.

   Shinny, Shinny melting glass in my design it was so, so pretty. I used vibrant bright colours.
Stamping the letters of my name on to my design was cool. Looking at my design I knew it was finish. I gave my work to sue and I went to wash my hands.

   In art studio was amazing. I hope I get to go back another day. I had a great time.

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Quziyah said...

WOW Annliz!!!
This is a great post about Youth Town. It sounds like fun. I wish that I was there with you and I'm glad that you enjoyed your self there. I also hope that you do get to go there another day. Can't wait to see more of your interesting stories.

From Quziyah

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