Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Sick at Home

“Can I go to school now”! I shouted. Staying at home felt like a year away from school. My mum keeps on telling me I have to wait until I’m one hundred percent better. It was the worst days of my life. I was dying to go to school, but sadly I had to stay home.

I know what to do now. I have to stay healthy and good and I’ll be better soon. I was going to come to school on monday but I stayed home because I woke up late so I slept in. Well I learned to wake up early as well. I’m so happy I’m back at school again,”HARRAY”! I shouted with happiness.


Mr Marks said...

Being sick isn't nice is it Annliz. Who would have thought home could be so boring. You have forgotten to use the word 'to' in some of your sentences. Can you go back and fix these up please.

Laitap said...

Who would have thought home could be so boring. Now I know how my mum feels when she stays home.
lucky now your back at school where all the action the way nice story.

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