Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Bounce Bounce

“Oh man” I shouted, I can’t do the jump stop. Everyone stared at me I got nervous. Dribbling the ball to the line as i pivot when i got there. It was really awkward. It was  difficult to stop when I was doing the jump stop.

Next we had to run to the line and jump stop, then pivot and put the ball around our waist three times. It was so, so exhausting. I hated to go twice so i told my team to go very slow.

After all that exhausting, amazing new tricks we learnt. It was time for us to head back,That day was a challenging day. I hope we get to do this another day.

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Mr Marks said...

I like that you have a variety of sentence beginnings and types. Also I like that you have used got relevant topic words.

Please correct the i's to I's. Also it is a jump stop not a jump spot.

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