Thursday, 1 November 2012

Drifting In The Hot Desert

Drifting through the desert is so exhausting. There are two boys driving in a dune buggy. Their names are John and caleb.

They were driving so slow that they got stuck. Caleb forgot to bring shovels incase this happens. They used their hands to dig. Luckily John brang some water.

They had a huge Australian flag hanging on the dune buggy. they were hoping that they could use it to get help. John took off the flag and waved it around and finally people arrived. He was happy that they were saved because the dune buggy was sinking as the sand is so soft.

“Finally we are home sweet home’’ Caleb says relaxing his feet in a bucket of cold water. The san in the desert was really hot. John didn't say anything because he could only concentrate on having a rest.

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