Monday, 11 February 2013

Going To The Beach

“Wow, look how close the tide has come in,” Saying to my friend. In the weekend I went to the beach with my cousin, mum, sister and my two friends from school. We went because it was really hot.

As we were playing on the field my mum called out and told us to come and eat. We weren't hungry we were thirsty. We kept on playing and playing that we started sweating.

“Mum can we go for a swim now”? I asked. “Ok” mum replied. Off we went for a swim, already changed into our togs. When we got near the water my cousin screamed. We all looked at her like as if she was crazy.

“Shark!” My cousin shouted. Everyone hurried out of the cold water to avoid the ferocious shark. Suddenly, Sonny Bill Williams jumped in the water and had a boxing match with the shark!? S.B.Williams VS Shark! Of Course S.B.Williams won. And as for the shark... TKO!
(Total KnockOut!)

In the end we got to have S.B.William’s ordergraph. It was the most awesome and weird experience I’ve ever had!!! The end.


Quziyah said...

Hey Annliz,
This is a creative story you have put together. Its so great to hear that you went to the beach with your family and hey S.B Williams fighting with the shark, nice work on that part of the story. Can't wait to hear the next awesome story you post.

From Quziyah! :)

Jouan said...

Hey Annliz,
What a awesomely wired story! Your story left me cracking up. It was just... AWESOME!!!

Great Job
Jouan :)

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