Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Black Hole

What would you do if you saw a black hole that could go through anything? Well let me tell you a story about a lady named Lizzy.

One Thursday night Lizzy was working her late night shift at the office. She was using the photocopier to catch up on some paper work.

There is a little room inside the office. No one could get in unless they have a key or open it from the inside. In that room is a safe. A safe is where you keep money.

Well lets just say she’s poor. She gets paid like five dollars a week. Everyone know her as a nice and neat person. She’s so poor that all she thinks about is money, money, money.

Lets go back where we started. So as Lizzy was printing, suddenly the photocopier stopped working. She kicked it hard and accidentally printed out a piece of paper with a black hole in the centre of it.

She was really tired that she thought water would help. Lizzy grabbed a plastic cup and started to pour some water into it. Finishing her drink, Lizzy threw her cup onto the paper which had the black hole on it. Looking around, she really needed another drink. So Lizzy reached over to grab the cup. But when she did her hand went through the black hole!? She Freaked out! Lizzy tested out the black hole on the wall to see if her hand would go through. It went through nearly everything in the office. She thought she was dreaming.

Once Lizzy found out that you could use the black hole to get anything out of anything, She stuck the paper onto the vending machine and got a snicker bar. How greedy is that? As she was eating her snicker bar. She looked to the left and there it was the safe, wonder what’s going to happen ?

“Tip toe tip toe” Walking towards the safe. All Lizzy could think of was all the money in the safe. What would you do? She stuck the piece of paper onto the safe, put her hand through and took one load of money out. Then goes another and another. That’s what you call greedy alright!!!

As she was pulling out a lot of money, Suddenly the paper ripped. Imagine what happen to her arm. She was too scared to ask for help because, we’ll this is her in jail now. She had no other option. “Help help” she yelled, running in was a man looking at her like HE was dreaming.

Wait don’t go just yet, she told him to put some sticky tape on the paper? ooooh i get it he placed it around her arm even though he didn’t know what he was doing, Out came her arm.  How would you have felt?

Lizzy felt so bad and guilty at the same time. She wish she had never done this, couldn’t even believe what just happened o.O!

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