Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Ghost

Once upon a time a lovely family moved into a rickety old house. They had no idea the house was haunted.

Every day when they have breakfast a door always slams by itself. They kept on thinking it was a prank by one of the kids.

But one day as they were about to leave, all the curtains mysteriously closed so did the windows. All the doors locked as they heard groaning and moaning throughout the house.

Because of that the family began screaming in terror, running from room to room.

Suddenly, the ghost decided to chase them silly until they died from exhaustion, lucky they didn't.

Then they hid in the dark and gloomy corner of the basement waiting for the ghost to disappear.

Until finally they didn't hear the ghost, so then the father went out and had a look. Luckily the ghost had disappeared. They were scared and moved straight away.

Ever since they were living in their new not haunted house, they have been having lots of fun. Going on holidays and coming back feeling safe.

The moral of this story is to be careful of haunted houses.

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