Monday, 26 August 2013

Cross Country Recount

Standing at the starting line with butterflies in my stomach. I was really, really nervous. “Breath in, Breath out” I act. So loud the syrian went off. Nearly all the year 7 girls went sprinting off like a bullet shooting out of a gun.

First lap... It feels so long. But I kept running and running, Well I was running with gloria, but I think I was not fit enough, so she decided to leave me behind. Oh My gosh just passed the goal post, one more lap!

As I stop for a rest and walk, I look behind me and some girls in my race were there doing the same thing. I should make that my goal to beat them. So I ran and ran then stopped again and looked behind me and there they were right behind me! “Ok Bring it on” I shout to them with a tone. “Let’s go” They replied. I sprinted so fast I was right by the finish line. I worried about them so much It actually helped me pass Ane!

Jogged through the finish line. Felt like I came first with the big grin on my face, but no I was just happy because I finished the race. I came 8th and i’m proud. heading towards the tap, there was already a cup of water sitting there for me.

I had fun racing in cross country. Nervous at the start, but proud and lazy at the end. Oh and sorry for not mentioning, But I also had fun sliding in the mud!


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