Monday, 9 September 2013

Rainbow Warrior Bombing

Not exactly but close to midnight, two men suspiciously zoomed fast towards Greenpeace’s boat the Rainbow Warrior in their rubber dinghy. A lot of people were on the boat celebrating Steve, the director of the anti-nuclear movement’s 29th birthday.The two spies wore scuba diving gear, and dived underneath the boat and attached two limpet bombs.  The two spies surreptitiously snuck back into their zodiac and sped away. These spies were working for the French government. The party was so close to ending a lot of people left to go out and celebrate other things and some even went out clubbing. Leaving only a few partying on the boat.

“BOOM!” The first bomb exploded. “Abandon ship, Abandon ship!” yelled Peter Willcox the captain as he flew up from his seat. Four minutes later the next limpet bomb exploded, Tragically one man died. He was a Portuguese man and he was a photographer.

Well the police unfortunately didn’t find the two divers. They escaped on a yacht. Dominique Prieur and Alain Mafart, 2 of the spies who had hired a van to wait for the divers got found by the police and got arrested. They got sentenced to  10 years in New Zealand prison. However less than two years they got sent back to France. Later the French government paid $13m to New Zealand in recompense. The French did not stop their nuclear testing in the Pacific for another 10 years. The French government decided to test their nuclear bombing in French Polynesia instead of France, because if something went wrong it won’t affected the people in their country.

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