Saturday, 21 September 2013

Spoken Poem

Where I come from, the breeze is best and the sun is most powerful
When you’re at the beach you might see
seaweed flowing to the shore
When you’re at the beach
You hear the seagulls squawking as they soar
You can taste salty sea water
You can hear waves splashing against slippery rocks

Where I come from, my school is full of knowledge
The world sees what we share through electronic devices
You hear round of applause
We are the champions at sports
We bring back the Shiny Shimmery Sparkling Trophies
We celebrate success
We get appreciated
At my school, we use the pt england way
We wear it with pride
And god is who we pray

Where I come from, my neighbours are louder than my sister screaming in my face
See kids running and playing down the street
Smelling something delicious cooking in the kitchen
Wondering what was cooking walking towards the door to have a quick peek
Mmmm! My mum was making butter chicken
I hear laughter coming from my sister talking on her phone all night
My sister always runs around to try and lose a pound
Where I live, I always feel safe and sound


Hilary Thames said...

What a wonderful poem Annliz! I enjoyed reading it, and it kept me entertained that whole time! while reading, I was able to picture in my head what you were saying. You have a great way of describing things! My favorite line was "My sister runs around to try and lose a pound", how cute! I think I enjoyed this poem the most, out of all other poems I have read, because I felt like I could relate to it! Great Job!

anab said...

Awesome Annliz that was a great poem i'v ever heard and it was funny at the same time keep it up !!!! BFF

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