Friday, 1 August 2014


“What?” I said with a nervous voice. As soon as I heard that we only get 8 minutes a half? I straight away felt nervous. We usually get 10 minutes a quarter, this made me think that I had to try my hardest, like seriously.

The referee blew the whistle and the game began, it was the other teams ball. I quickly leaped in front of my partner as the ball was flying over to her. Instead of catching it, I hit it out of the court. “Shot Annliz” Shouted Mele. It was a nice intercept, but I could have caught it. Well, you guys reading this story should already know where my story is set by now?

We were into the last half, the other team was leading by 1 point just 1 more point and then we will be equal. I looked towards the timer, “3:00 more minutes left” I mumbled to myself. It was our center throw, and the ball landed in my hands, throwing it down to our GS the buzzer went just before we could shoot. “Great” I mumbled. Lost by one 1 point, unlucky. The good thing is that we all had fun playing this team.

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