Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Rimu- Adding More Detail

Twisting and turning on the bed, he got tangled in his sheets. Something was bugging him, it was another one of those lazy mornings. All of a sudden Rimu heard a strong deep voice shouting his name. He turned to the window as he heard tapping coming from that direction, he could barely open his eyes. Rimu still felt a bit drowsy, you could tell by his heavy eyes. He couldn’t make out why he could hear his name. Obviously it can’t be hail because it was clearly in the middle of summer. He dragged himself out of bed, and looked. He could just make out a figure, which leant forward and rapped again, with more power in his voice this time.
“Rimu! You deadhead. Wake up!”
Rimu groaned. Ollie! He would have preferred hail.

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