Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Rip Currents

Imagine swimming alone in the ocean and you find yourself getting pulled out by the sea? Well the first thing you do is not panic and just go with it. I mean “it” as in a rip. It’s important to keep yourself safe at the surf beach, you need to know all about rips.

To avoid a rip, make sure you are swimming between the yellow and red flags because it is the safest area to swim. You also need to stay calm and let the rip take you out. Also keep an eye out on the water in case of any changes.

If you see discolored water, you should probably stay away from it. Stay clear from any calm water, there's likely to be a rip nearby. It’s important to know how to identify rips.

If you are caught in a rip, the best thing to do is to not panic. Raise your hand and reach for the stars. Once you escape from the rip, you swim to the sides and catch the waves back to shore.

So this is some tips how to avoid a rip, identify a rip and react to a rip. It’s really important to know about these things in case you somehow in the future get into this situation, or you could help someone else. So many lifeguards risk their  lives saving people, you could change that by looking after yourself and others in the water.

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