Tuesday, 11 September 2012


“I think this is going to be hard” Saying to my friend like I was scared. Mr Marks told us to get a thick band, put it around our waist and slide one of our arms into it. Not knowing what to do we had to run quick as we can with one of our arms tied. It was awkward and challenging.

“Hahaha” Mr Marks laughed. Most of us looked a bit silly. It was very hilarious running there and back. Some of us even looked like we were dancing. I hope that i didn’t look silly or hilarious.  

At the end I wish that we could keep on going but we had more paralympic activities. I had lots of fun and it was enjoyable. I hope we get to do this another time. I think everyone had a great time as well.

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Grace M said...

Wow! I hope you enjoyed that. Its sounds like fun. Your witting is really interesting.

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