Thursday, 27 September 2012

My Narrative Story

 One lovely afternoon in a forest there lived a girl named Aldora with her mum, dad, pet dog named Tex and her two friends Ana and Meleane. “Go take Tex for a walk” said Aldora’s mum. So off she went.As she opened the gate and ready to put on his leash, he had ran off.

She tried to chase him but he was too fast. She raced down to her friend Ana’s house who lived nearby. She catches her breath and asks Ana if she had seen tex But she had not seen him.

Then she saw her friend Meleane wondering around the park throwing bread into the duck pond.
She just remembered that Tex was hungry, so she ran home and got his food. She put it in a bowl and outside the gate. Then there came Tex running home and eating like as if he hasn’t ate before.

Aldora was very happy and releifed that Tex came home safe. Tex is really happy to be fed his favourite food. Luckily he had a great sense of smell.

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Keiko Ito said...

Hi Annliz,
I am Keiko Ito, one of Dr. Strange's students at the University of South Alabama. That's amazing story! I love this story and pictures:) You can organize a story well. My favorite part is Aldora prepare Tex's food to capture him. Thank you for sharing a good story!

Keiko Ito

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