Wednesday, 16 October 2013

40 minute recount

“Aaaah, I think I just saw a crab!!! “, I yelled. In the school holidays me and family went to the beach. On that sunny day I was playing in the sand until I thought I felt a rock? I pulled it out mysteriously and took a look, It was a crab! It was white and scary. I quickly stood up and ran as far as possible. “Hey, Annliz, Annliz come and play!!”, my cousin shouted. So I ran to them

My cousins were jumping off a high rock as if they were jumping into money. I was so scared. “C’mon!”, My cousin shouted from down low. I closed my eyes and counted down from 3. “3,2,1”, I whispered. I jumped so high and went down into the cold and shallow sea like a bomb.

After that we headed to shore to have a drink, It was weird because my cousin said he wasn’t thirsty. I wondered why? Asking him why he wasn’t thirsty, He burped back at me. “Ew!!!”, I said blocking my nose.

The waves were so harsh, loud and awesome, just awesome!

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