Friday, 1 November 2013

First Day At School

“ Annliz time to go!” Mum yelled as she packed my lunch. Extremely excitedly I ran out the door not noticing I was only wearing one sock. “Terrace End School, here I come!” I said with a manly voice. “ Shut up” Penelope yelled from the back.  

Arriving at school my heart was pounding so fast, I was really enthusiastic. I ran to the swings as my mum waved goodbye, I gave her a cheesy smile. As the bell rang I could hear kids screaming laughing, I could see them jumping off the playgrounds and running off. I didn't know what to do because they were all running in different areas. I thought it was time to move from the swings to the slide. As I walked towards the slide an old lady walked towards me.

I was so scared. She looked old and scary. She had a missing tooth and she had a bald patch. “ Hi, you must be Annliz....... Well, I'm your teacher “ She said with a granny voice. I ran in circles screaming as loud as a tigers roar.

Watching for a moment, She ripped her face off and it looked like she has Teleport into the past? “Hahaha, Annliz, Don’t be scared it’s only a mask and I’ll be wearing it for Halloween”, She explained. I ran towards her and introduced myself confidently, Then she took me inside.

On that one day, I met some friends and had a lot of fun. I really did enjoy myself and couldn't wait for the next day.

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