Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Writing Sample-Edited

On a Sunday, breezy night we sat in the middle of the woods having a camp fire, Also  Having so much fun.  Cleo was planning on pranking Selena and Elizabeth.  “Cleo, Where are you going?”, Selena shouted. “For a Walk” Cleo Replied as she turned around with a smirk on her face.  The family gathered around and sang the camp fire song.

After a while Selena and Elizabeth were getting worried about Cleo, so they took off in the woods without the adults knowing. “Ouch” Selena cries as she stepped on a glass. “What is glass doing here in the woods?”, Elizabeth asked? “Shhh.” Cleo whispered. Elizabeth and Selena didn't know it was Cleo. They were so frightened and scared. “Follow me”, the whispering person says. Selena and Elizabeth thought that the whispering person is trying to tell them where Cleo is, so they followed.

“Where are we going?” asked Elizabeth. “Shhh” Replied the whispering person. They kept on walking and walking until... They fell into a trap then Slimy water splashed all over them. Cleo came out and took a photo of their faces then shouted. “ First prank on camp, Should have seen your guys faces” Cleo laughs and pulls her tongue at them.

Elizabeth and Selena were really angry at her. “We were worried about you?” Selena says. “Really?” Cleo Replied. She walks towards them. “Come and give us a hug?” Elizabeth Says with a smirk on her face. Cleo ran and gave them a hug and also got slimed. They all started laughing.

They All headed back to camp and on the way they heard a whisper? “You guys are in trouble” They knew straight away it was their parents. Everyone started laughing. The girls had some milo then went to bed.

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