Thursday, 12 December 2013

Action World!!!

Action World, a place filled with obstacle courses that you and your family can enjoy! Based in Henderson, West Auckland. Last Friday, the year 7’s went to Action World for our trip. We travelled by bus, Excitedly singing on the way.

As we arrived, we took off our bags and took off our shoes. Before we even thought about trying out the activities, we had to sit and listen to Jerry go through the safety rules. Really important as “They Say” .

So, my favourite obstacle course is the tra-peeze obviously. Well there was something I had to do before I could go on it, Past the jungle swings test. Junge swings is slightly easier. There is four swings, it’s like four monkey bars. We had to atleast make it to the end to have a turn on the tra-peeze.

Action World, is a place I’d stay for a whole day again. It’s so enjoyable, that makes you not want to leave! I had a lot of fun, having a turn on all activities.

I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to all the tutors for being so helpful. Remember settings is in the first paragraph. It was such a... BLAST!

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