Monday, 16 December 2013

The Helpful Elves! ! !

Unexpectedly, Mr Burt told us that elves are coming to Pt England to give us all presents? At first I thought elves never actually existed. Well, They’re coming to our school. We were all sitting in the hall waiting. As they arrived we all started to stare. Our jaws dropped just like that.

We sat in a group of girls and boys, while the elves went to their “Slade” and grabbed a whole bag of presents, even more than one of Santas sack. We sat in rows so that it will be easy to get our presents. We lined up, already to receive our lovely and thoughtful presents.

As we got back to class, we rapped open our presents. I was so thankful and grateful, I go paint and panels to paint on. I got one small paint brush as well. I was really happy, because I could paint my friend a panel for secret Santa.

I just want to say a massive and a enormous big “THANK YOU” to MOTAT and Johnson & Johnson for what they have done. We are sure we will treasure them.

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