Friday, 4 April 2014

Sports At Tamaki College

“Oh my gosh” I say with a exhausted expression on my face. Making my way down to Tamaki College, the sun shines so bright in my face. As we arrive we go quickly as human possible into our groups, then head off to our activities. My favourite activity is called orienteering because it includes running and using your brains. The fun thing is that we get to run around holding ipads, here at Pt England, we’re not allowed. It’s just like disobeying the rules. I also enjoy playing “Climb The Ladder” it was fun and enjoyable. Everyone was laughing and smiling. Some of us jumped so far, that the next person couldn’t make it because you only get one step. The good thing is that no one got stood on. Having P.E at Tamaki College is very fun. We are so lucky we get to go there every Friday. Can’t wait for the next Friday!

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