Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Nigerian Girls Article

Breaking News! I have heard in Africa 234 girls were taken by kidnappers. That is so shocking news, isn't it? Nearly a million women marching in the Nigerian Capital with signs that says Bring Our Girls Back. Mothers of the girls were so full with tears, disappointed and so, so upset.

Nothing has brought the girls back. They have not rescued any girls yet. The girls were at the age of 16-18. Parents and other town have joined together to search for their girls. People from other country like USA have also joined to support and search for the girls.   

It’s been about a month now that the Nigerian girls have been kidnapped by the local terrorist group, and families are starting to loose hope. The terrorist are wanting some of their group released from prison.

The girls have been getting support from all around the world. Governments from all around the world have been calling for the girls release. Hopefully the parents will get their girls back soon and everything will come out fine.

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