Thursday, 15 May 2014


Bats use echolocation to navigate and locate prey. They emit really high pitched sounds which are inaudible for humans. These sounds locate objects and bounce off them back to the bat's sensitive ears. Then they can identify the objects.

Sonar is short for (SOund Navigation And Ranging), it is a technique using echolocation that uses sound usually underwater. In submarine navigation sonar helps them to navigate or to communicate with or notice objects on or under the water.

There is a boy named Ben Underwood that has been blind ever since he was two years old who uses echolocation to guide himself. Unfortunately he passed away from the very same cancer that took his eyesight some 14 years prior. Ben would play games, climb trees, ride bike, skate and just about anything else not too long after he became blind.  

Ben was able to do these things by using echolocation just like bats and marine mammals. He wore fake eyes that really looked realistic. For some reason he clicked with his mouth to send an sound which locates a near object and bounces right off back to his ears, just like dolphins. Then he can identify the objects.

Echolocation is used by bats and marine mammals, in particular dolphins and bats. Echolocation means when a echo is sent out then bounces off an object and comes back right at the bats/dolphins ears.

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