Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Road Show Trip

“Hi, please take a seat” said the guy in a scientist uniform. As I walked into the Tamaki hall, I was surprised by all the science projects. It looked really interesting.

We all got turns to use each project, I didn’t get through them all. But my favourite was the piano. You take of your shoes, and instead of using your fingers, you use your feet. It’s just like a piano mat.

I really enjoyed watching the scientist, do the balloon show. We had to block our ears, incase we got deaf. They had two balloons to blow up. The first balloon had carbon dioxide oxygen air in it, the second balloon had helium air in it. The question was, Which one would be louder if they both blew up? First we blew up the first one, it was alright. The second one was defining. It was really cool.

The roadshow trip turned out really fun, I really want to go there again. I really enjoyed the science projects and everything else. If you went there? you’d probably say the same thing.

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